Trending Android Apps and Games

Well these games and apps are trending and most downloaded. It is based on the number of downloads and rating of these games by the users. Anyway let me directly take you to these paid but free games and apps.

1. Freedom : This special apps is the real social app which is like a tracking app. This makes your phone a tracking device and then this app specially helps you in preventing human trafficking. You can get it without spending a single penny if you Download SB Game Hacker Download APK version.

2. Game Killer : To be honest I have never seen app like this before. It is like one must have app that can give you access to almost all the paid apps and games along with many launchers. After immense popularity of this game it was removed from the play store and now you can Download Game Killer APK Here by clicking it. So now  you have got two amazing applications for your phone. Now its gaming time.

3.  COC APK Mod ; It is a very unique and special game which reminds me of childhood days. When I used to love 50 in 1 games and Pou Mod is like that. You can get from the above download links. The game is quite simple but at the same time it is very addictive too. You will surely love this and best thing is that it doesn’t take much place of your device.

4. Gunship Battle Mod Money : I am sure you will not be aware about this most adventurous android game because its a paid game and people usually tend to download free games as many people don’t like to waste or spend their money on gaming and apps.


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